Dong Fang Hotel Guangzhou



  1. Jeco
    10/29/2015 11:43:21

    It has been a great run for you Mr. Wilcox! Congrats to the crew for making it a wnuderfol last full on performance. I hope the girls will continue to perform smaller venues throughout China. [url=]cifoibx[/url] [link=]dpcyiedupu[/link]

  2. Rebecka
    10/29/2015 05:37:23

    Hi, I check just now the price for the following<a href=""> holtes</a> was around 25 usd. It is about 5 km from the airport. Not sure whether it is near to shopping area.a) Guang Sha Hotel Guangzhoub) Dongzhi Hotel Guangzhou

  3. Analy
    10/28/2015 04:56:44

    Standard hotel rooms (3 star) cost 250 to 500 yuan in Guangzhou. That is roughly US$40 to US$75. Popular hotel chians include Motel 168 and Home Inn. You can check Chinese travel websites like Elong and Ctrip to learn more.Free airport pickup service is unusual in China, unless you are staying at a 5 star hotel. Chinese taxis are cheap and Guangzhou has a great subway system, so plan on using one of those options.

  4. Stephanie
    08/25/2014 10:17:19

    Please check your email and reply thank you.

  5. Andres - travel agency ANYWAY TRAVEL
    06/12/2014 05:00:06

    Good morning, REF. Reserv. Clients Mrs. Maria Carmen QUERO / Sandra MESEGUER / Jose Luis CASTRO I have sent you several mails and phone calls about this matter to you but I have not received any reply. We work with hotels all around the world and this is the first time we have such a lack of consideration keeping in mind that we are your client. Our clients arrived to your hotel last June 6th. We have booked for them 2 Deluxe Business Rooms. When they arrived to their rooms, these were not appropriate. They have the frindge broken, air condition machine making a lot of noise, the bedding were wet and a strange smell in the rooms. They informed immediately to the reception but nobody did nothing to solve this. In those conditions, they cannot stay 6 days in your hotel and asked to change their rooms. A 5 star hotel, has apologized with the clients and has changed the rooms without any cost but you requested 500 EUROS to the clients to change both rooms for the next 5 nights. Please, check this matter and refound the extra cost to the clients or at least one of the rooms. If clients do not receive this satisfaction, this have been the last time they have stayed in your hotel and during last 10 years, they have stayed with you twice per year. Also, our travel agency belongs to a big association of travel agencies, GEA, and we will inform about this to them to avoid your hotel for the big number of clients we sent to Guangzhou every year. Waiting for you reply. Best regards, ________________________________________________________________ Andrés Membrado ANYWAY TRAVEL S.L. Claudio Coello, 83 1º Dcha. 28001 Madrid. España Tel. 00 34 91 7812423 Fax 00 34 91 7813336 WWW.ANYWAYVIAJES.ES

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