Dong Fang Hotel Guangzhou

Exhibitions & Banquets

Multi-Functional Conference rooms

Over 20 multi-functional conference halls in different sizes with modern professional equipment are tailored to guests with different needs.

Professional Convention & Exhibition Facilities
The Golden Hall boasts a 18m*5m stage with 3 large screens, a professional adjustable lighting system, advanced stereos and a 6-language simultaneous interpretation system

Designated Passage
With a passage designated for unloading for trucks in the Convention & Exhibition Centre, cars can drive directly into the Golden Hall.

Professional Transmission Socket
With a reserved socket for video signal transmission cables, TV relay is easy.

Special Digital Zone
The “Special Digital Zone” within the Business Centre can provide high-definition digital video recording services and convention & exhibition services such as instant printing, binding, album edition binding, name cards and certificates making, etc.



In the Golden Hall, a 3,036-square-meter and 8-meter-high columnless space with a flexible structure, you may easily put your creative ideas into reality, dividing it into booths in different sizes and exhibiting the charm of your brand.

The wide and convenient passage for unloading, fully powered power supply system, and professional and perfect security measures free you from any worries even for exhibitions for large items such as autos, high-speed trains, mechanical and electronic products, or for cutting-edge high-tech products, valuable antiques and paintings.

The exhibition corridor is a passage with superb flexibility and upon refined decoration, guests stepping into the exhibition centre may have the most direct visual impact and feel the magnificence and class of the exhibition.



The elegant and stylish Golden Hall is an ideal place for 170-table banquets and 2800-person cocktail parties and for banquets in different sizes by partitioning. From the creative flowers arrangements to classic and delicate table arrangements and to the constantly improving banquet services, each detail is custom-made for your nobility and class.

Equipped with an adjustable lighting system, professional moveable stage and dressing rooms with their acoustic design reaching the high standards for professional theatres in China, the Golden Hall is an ideal place for large-scale performances such as fashion shows, variety performances and symphony concerts, in which you may put your creative ideas into reality, create colourful and splendid lighting effects, bringing superb audio & visual sensations and extra benefits to your luxurious banquet.