Dong Fang Hotel Guangzhou


Chinese Food

Dong Fang Hall

With an elegant and classical environment, it is a perfect place for small and medium sized high-class banquets.

VIP Dining Rooms

Named after the famous tunes of Cantonese folk music, you may gain a real insight into the Southern China commercial culture and get blessed while dining in a VIP Dining Room.

Jiang Nan Si Zhu Restaurant
A romantic dining places for Southern and Northern China flavours.

Macao Street Restaurant

Opened in 2000, the Macao Street Restaurant inherits Macao style, creates a series of specialties combining Portuguese and Chinese styles and leads a trend towards integration of East and West, enjoying the fame of “Using both forks, knives and chopsticks,
Cooking with both butter and bean

Western Food

Cafe More Buffet Restaurant
Cafe More supplies western style buffets. With an open style and unique sectioning by themes, it’s the best choice for tasting nature.

Executive Floor Western Restaurant
This Restaurant supplies genuine Western cuisine. The elegant environment integrating fashionable and classic styles and the romantic atmosphere can just enchant you.

Lobby Bar
Lobby Bar supplies coffee, drinks and snacks in piano music.